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Passionate Philosophy.: Prospective 2012 Resolutions (Final Resolutions will be confirmed tomorrow)


These are only prospective because I need to cut down to what I know I can accomplish. I don’t want to go and throw my resolutions away halfway throughout the year. I need to be committed, ya feel? 

  • Get in shape, eat healthy, exercise more, lose weight.
  • Volunteer and help out those less fortunate… or just anybody in general.
  • Study more efficiently so I could pass those final CST’s, AP exams, and the SAT’s with high scores.
  • Get a job that compliments my schedule.
  • Pass my driving test and get my license/get a used Honda Civic :D
  • Get through with my communion and strengthen my faith.
  • Do my best to be the best person I can be to my loved ones.
  • Be a better role model to those younger and even older than me.
  • Express myself more through art/writing.
  • Be more content and express my gratefulness for all that I am blessed with.
  • Push myself to do the very best I could with all that I set my mind to.
  • Love more; despise less.
  • Aim for rank 1 in my class.
  • Make beautiful memories with those I love/bond more with family/have wonderful adventures with friends
  • Expand my social boundaries
  • Make more videos/take more pictures/sing more songs…just be more open around my friends and family
  • Learn more about my family history/cultural values
  • Get tweeted by Taeyang… LOL
  • Fall in love :P (I am such a hopeless romantic)
  • Tell more stories/hear more stories.
  • Say “sorry” more often.
  • Tell my loved ones that I love them more often.
  • Go to church more often.

So much more to say… but the real list comes tomorrow. 

Hopefully I can figure out which ones I know I can commit to.

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